Club Presentation night Saturday 11th March 2017

Club presentation night on the 11th March 2017.

Tickets available from any of the committee members. see contact list.


£5.00 a ticket includes around the world buffet, and disco, starts at 7 PM at the

Berni Inn, The Fudge factory, Market street, Whitworth, Ol12 8DN

2017 12th February Novice & Beginner Trial, Championship Rd 1 of 3 at Lee Quarry

Results rochdalemc2017.02.12

The first trial of our novice beginner series was run at Lee Quarry on
Sunday, a late change of venue due to circumstances that were really
out of our control.
Me, Blacky and Lordy put in 6 sections on the Saturday, leaving
two to do on the day of the trial, we did this just in case the
weather did  take a turn for the worse, so it would be less to pull
back in. As far as the weather went, well it was cold, with a few snow
flurries thrown in for good measure, it was touch and go at the start
whether we go ahead or cancel the event, but a brave decision to go
for it was made, the right one I think as nearly 40 people waited to
sign on, and even though it was so cold, 6 out the 8 sections were
observed, one of these observers was Bill Francis who had travelled
all the way from Diggle, his son Ben couldn’t make it though as he is
away skiing, he could have come to lee quarry instead and saved
himself some brass as it was like ski Sunday up there at times during
the trial…
The entry was once again made up of lots of new faces, with
most either on the beginner or the novice route, with only a few on
the easier novice route, the sections were set sensibly but were
obviously slippy in parts, the hardest thing was being able to see the
white and yellow flags early on until a line appeared in some of the
sections, but after the first lap all was good. One or two bikes
sounded a bit lean at times making throttle control tricky, this was
caused by carburetors icing up in the very cool air, this can always
be rectified though, by riders making the most of the call of
With nobody hanging about, everyone was finished for 2
o’clock, no complaints, and all the riders behaving themselves,  this
is very important, as we had to use parking at the bottom and we
definitely do not want to risk losing a venue that offers plenty…
So that’s the end to a busy couple of weeks for those in the
club, its a real credit to everyone that we managed to get a trial on,
as everything we tried seemed to be against us, but we did and it was
worthwhile because everyone enjoyed what in the end was a good days
Thanks to all of you for turning out in wintry conditions,
Lancs county for the use of the land and those six hardy souls who
stood out there struggling to face into the wind at times, our next
trial is back at Lee in March, all the details will be on the website,
Trials Central and TMX, we have also got a presentation evening, in
March, Tickets £5, all welcome, thanks again and see you all soon….


2017 22nd Jan Harry Robinson Trial, Championship Rd 1 of 5

Results rochdalemc2017.01.22

This year’s trial was once again at Back Cowm, a trial that usually has  a good turnout, but this year we were taken by surprise as everyone made their way to Whitworth, for a good days sport, resulting in a bumper entry of 107 riders.

Many had travelled a fair distance including quite a few from Bradford Trials Club which has a lot of promising youngsters, which include Beth Dunning, Olivia Brooksbank, both on the intermediate route, and Lucy Ayrton on the beginners route, all with lots of promise, which is good for our sport.

In the experts, there was a welcome return for local lad Josh Law, Andy Holker also dusted off his Gas Gas, in the inters Josh Chew continues to push himself as he comes to terms with the new route, as always the clubman route attracted most of the riders with Martin Jackson making a welcome return despite having a dodgy knee, in the beginners Lee Titley continues to improve and Glen Gosling braved the cold conditions to complete, what in the end a long day for everyone.

Most managed to finish the 4 laps , ten sections, some of which were long but flowed pretty well, yes they got slippy , tricky in places and we even got some of the white stuff for good measure.

Thanks to John at Cowm leisure for the use of the land, Ian Blackburn, Lordy and Andy Fitz for setting out, and the ten observers…

Our next trial is round one of our novice beginner series, 12th Feb, more details we be on our website and trials central, see you all soon….

2016 Boxing Day Charity Trial

Results rochdalemc2016-12-26

2016 23th October Novice & Beginner Trial, Championship Rd 3 of 3 Wallsden

Results rochdalemc20161023

The last round of this years novice beginner series was held at South Hollingworth Farm high up overlooking Walsden. A bright, crisp day greeted the riders, it was a bit chilly in the wind, but nice in the Autumn sunshine, at least it stayed dry as the access road to the carpark was a concern on Saturday, because of the recent work that has been done on the mast in the top corner, but we did manage to get quite a few vehicles up into the field with the rest taking the easier option just down the road, this should not be a problem in the future though, because we are led to believe the road is going to resurfaced which will make it a lot better for us when we next use it.

Eight sections had been set, with the usual three routes plotted that catered for the raw beginner up to the novice route, were the sections were tighter so riders that normally ride at a higher level could join in, and it was good to see a few having a go including an outing by Martin Sandiford, riding just a week after completing the lakes two day..

The action got underway down near the cattle grid with many riders spending a few moments studying the first section which was up a greasy hill, turn right, back down, watch out for the hidden rocks that lay in wait, then left back up the hill for the end cards, two was just a bit further up the hill, observed by Bill Francis, it was a bit tight and twisty but not too many problems there, three was in an area with some big rocks that had loads of grip, you had to plan your route and stick to it to get a well deserved clean. Section four was a loose bundle of stones, set well for the beginners and the novice easier rider and a tight turn for those on the novice route, this was un observed at the start of the trial but it was good to see riders joining in doing the observing duties then at the end The injured Stuart Cripps picked up the board to help us out. Five was a fairly straight forward section, observed by the lonely figure which was young Alex, then over to six, the gulley that always takes a few marks and it was the same on Sunday, I really thought I had it on the third lap, but two dabs near to the end put paid to that, gather your breath and make your way to seven, observed by the injured Paul Bolton, a section that became very slippy on your way to the end cards, then from there you made your way towards the carpark for eight,  steady away for most, but with a tight turn and an awkward rock for those on the novice route.

That just about sums up a trial, which was pretty good, you had to ride it in places, mainly on the novice route, but there was nothing daft, its just a place that is very slippy inbetween those stone and rocks that are actually really blessed with loads of grip.

Finally a big thanks to Blacky and Lordy for giving us a lift setting out on Saturday, the landowner for the use of his land, everyone else who contributed to the running of the trial, you the riders who have supported this series this year, and last but not least the observers, we were a bit short at the start of the trial, but ended up ok as some of you picked up the boards making sure that all of the sections were covered..

Just a couple of things left to mention, our AGM is on Nov 9th, please don,t run for the hills, we are a very small group and could do with a lift, then there’s the Pennine Trial on the 20th Nov@ Lee Quarry, parking is at the bottom so we will need observers with and without bikes, thanks once again and see you all soon…