2018(cancelled) 21st Jan Harry Robinson Trial, Cancelled due to Weather



Harry Robinson Trial

Open to Centre

All Classes

10.30 start

Venue Cowm Quarry Whitworth

Secretary Margaret Whitlow 01706 633977

Julian Ingham Expert Rider


2017 Boxing day Charity trial and round 3 of Novice & beginner Championship.

Results rochdalemc2017.12.26

Hope you all enjoyed the trial and thank you for your support.

2017 19th November Pennine Trial round 5 of 5 Club Championship

Sunday 19th of November saw this years running of The Pennine Trial at Lee Quarry Rossendale. A clear frosty day made a change from the usual poor weather that caused the cancellation of last year’s trial, meaning the venue hasn’t had much use over the last couple of years.  Fifty odd riders turned up for what was a tough trial in places, sections 1 and 2 were steady enough with cambered turns just to settle the nerves, then came 3, a long section with a tight right turn for the clubman, the green route on the other hand looked daunting with a large rock to negotiate before turning right over some ugly looking scenery. 4 was the first in the river, getting to it was tricky enough, then you had to ride the flat slabs that have never been so green, this did cause problems with the grip level almost at zero, it wasn’t really until the 3rd lap that you had full confidence with the throttle. You stayed in the river for 5, a short section, no real dramas here, then a run up to 6, a section with a waterfall and a tight turn for the inters, with a few missing flags on the banking near to the exit. 7 was a natural gulley with a couple of deviations on the hard route, while the clubman kept to the left over the loose rocks. 8 is an old favourite, Lordy wanted this one in, twisty and greasy, you had to work hard to get a clean, then on to 9, hard on the experts who had to turn and go over some large rocks before turning right to go back up the gulley. Last but not least 10, this had a not too inviting start with most clubman taking a safety dab through the gap and the rest of the section was so greasy, it really didn’t scrub clean all day, when the scores come in I’m sure that it will show that it was a real mark taker.
Feedback from the riders in general was good, it was tougher than normal, and you did have to get your head into the trial otherwise you were in for a tough day…
Thanks to Lancashire County Council for the use of this venue, everyone who helped out including Steve Collinson from Darwen Trials Club, and All the Observers, including those who picked up boards for a while during the trial, thanks again and see you all soon……

2017 3rd September Dale trial, Championship Rd 4 of 5

Results rochdalemc2017.09.03

Following its successful use in 2016, Bill Francis’ Diggle homestead was again the venue for this years Dale Trial. Though small in area, this picturesque venue is more than capable of accommodating todays average entry.  On Sunday, 3rd September , 30 enthusiasts presented themselves and were faced with 4 laps of 10 lengthy, but very rideable sections. Plotted several days earlier, in dry and pleasant weather, one eye was on the forecast for Sunday – which was wet !

However, the weather remained kind throughout the day, and my concern as C of C was that the sections would be on the easy side without the addition of some H2O !  My fears were unfounded as all sections took marks, without proving too difficult .

With the attendance of several R& DMC members of years gone by, all 10 sections were officiated , resulting in smooth and flowing circulation of riders throughout the event.

Sec 1  utilized the trees at the foot of the valley , winding between the trees before a short hop over a fallen log . This caused few major problems, though it could have been different had the rain arrived ! Riding No 5 , Jacob Ryder got his day off to the worst possible start here, misjudging the banking before the exit. Sam Sagar also found this section expensive – I wonder if he was intimidated by the observer !?!? ,  ( special thanks to whom , for picking up the board despite having your dogs along for the day ! )

Sections 2-5 followed the river quite naturally upstream ,and were plotted with strategic entry/exits to stiffen up their severity accordingly. This worked nicely, as riders in all classes rode the sections with very few fives being recorded, but no one going clean through all four.  Notable rides here were from Steve Ellis ( Gas Gas ), who dropped just 2 dabs over the four sections, and winner of the O-50 class John Duffy ( Sherco ) who shed 5 marks in total over the group. On lap1 , Barry Sanderson leapt off his machine in Sec 3 , happy with feet up ride – only to receive the news from observer Bill Francis that he had , in fact , stopped adjacent to the easy route ends cards , 2 metres short of his own section ends !

Sec 6, a first gear,  lock to lock snake between the large deciduous broadleaves on the banking, looked innocuous enough, but it took its fair share of marks. Lee Sagar, on his Fantic twinshock,  impressively negotiated this one clean on each visit.

Dropping into the river, Sec 7 was modified for the experts, but is otherwise my idea of a perfect section, needing little more than a ‘begins’ and ‘ends’ card . Pete McCanna ( Honda ) and John Duffy were the only riders in any class to tame this little belter . Due to the topography of the land here, the easy route did not pass under the bridge at Sec 7, but exited the river via a slippery gully, before diverting round to Sec 9. William Sagar, first time out on his new Beta, demonstrated an impressive ‘Superman ‘ impression here on lap 2, but to his credit jumped straight up with a large grin , and recovered to comfortably win his class .  Martin Jackson ( Honda ) tried his best to emulate William whilst cresting the slippery rock step beneath the bridge, but, with age against you Martin, I’m afraid your dismount was a distant 2nd to the athleticism of young William !!

With club Chairman Alan Lord not having, by his own admission, his steadiest ride, it appeared at times that his footrests were fitted with ball bearings . But his reason for wholesale mark losses ?

“ Its them Wrights observing – they keep staring at me in the section !” ……….    Make of that what you will folks !

So onto the final section of the day, and with the muddy slot of No 10 providing more grip than expected, riders completed their 4 laps by early afternoon, resulting in ample time for a stroll up to the farmhouse for bacon butties and a welcome  brew !  No sooner had the flags been pulled than the rain arrived.

Several riders took time to express their appreciation of the event , and the R & DMC would like to extend a big thanks to all observers , especially of course our good friend Bill Francis.


Report : Andy Wright

2017 18th June Julian Bentley trial, Championship Rd 3 of 5

Julian Bentley Trial results rochdalemc2017.06.18

This years Julian Bentley Trial had a change of venue, usually at 400
Acres, this year South Hollingworth Farm Walsden was the choice,
situated high above Gordon Riggs Garden centre. We know some riders
had difficulty with the postcode for the venue depending on were you
got the info from, sorry for that , we, ll sort that for future
      The trial itself was tough but good, with riders taking their
time to weigh up some of the sections because its one of those venues
that contains plenty of rocks that have become overgrown over the
years, so what you find is that there,s loads of grip on the rocks but
the bits inbetween can be very slippy, and that was the case on Sunday
even though its been mainly dry for the last few days.
    Section 1 was observed by Andy Wright recovering from a recent
operation, good to see him up and about, 2 was in a bomb hole, I got a
bit of a telling off for this one, from Lordy our chairman, who
thought it was a bit close to the bone, so after lap one it was
altered, 3 was a good expert, just a shame for the ever present Andy
Cripps that he had no one else in his class to compete against. 4 ,
observed by Bill Francis had a couple of tight turns and took plenty
of marks as riders either stalled their bikes and a few missed the red
and blue flags in the middle in the middle part of the section, 5 has
been in there before, again a tight left turn, but one that was
cleanable, and took the odd dab, 6 was under the trees, good for the
observer in the shade, and was probably the easiest of all the
sections, then you made your way over to the gulley, not many flags
needed to plot this one, this time it seemed to be harder, very greasy
and plenty of large gaps between those green rocks, 8 was unobserved
for most of the trial, but near the end Martin Jackson picked up the
board, this road hard, loose rocks, grass with little grip, you were
glad to see the end cards, 9 was observed by Margaret, well protected
from the sun with her cap, then up to 10, this had a tricky end up the
hill with riders having the odd dab.
            So that’s that trial done for another year, harder than we
intended its fair to say, with temperatures a bit too high for putting
a helmet on your head, so keeping your cool was always gonna be hard,
it is a venue were you struggle to ride in a straight line, plenty of
rocks that always put you off your intended line and as already
stated, it always seems to be greasy.
          Even though it was fathers day and BBQ weather, the entry
was pretty good, so thanks to everyone for turning up and all those
who observed whilst catching some rays.
          Just like many other clubs we are short on people who want
to help out, on Saturday it was just me and Alan setting out, so if
you would like to help out in any way, please just mention it to one
of us, any help will be appreciated .
          Hope to see you at the next event in a couple of months,
Lordy might be talking to me by then. LOL..