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2010 Dale Trial

The Dale trial was held at Lee Quarry Stacksteads this year and ten sections where laid out to be ridden the usual 4 times, we now have to run in conjunction with the many mountain bikers who also are on site using the various trails that have been built for them. Section one was a classic old time section with a right turn over rocks with a narrow finish top rider here was Stephen Robinson who only lost one mark on his four visits, unfortunately this was not enough to give him the class win. As club veteran Andy Wright has now made a comeback to trial’s on his brand new repsol 4rt and just pipped Robinson by one mark to win the competitive over 40 class, these two where leagues ahead of the rest of the class on the day. On the hard course this section was also the biggest mark taker with no clean rides being had by anyone, overall winner Josh Law had a dab on his second visit this was the best ride here bar non he went to finish of with a total of 23 halving the score of second placed man Paul Sullivan. The Intermediates went to Ashley Ashworth who had a very steady ride losing just 38 marks on his new Gas Gas. In the youth classes the numbers where down with only one expert rider, just the one A class rider, two in youth B class and one youth C rider, this is no detriment to the riders though and a class win is a class win. Top youth expert was Richard Anderton who battled around the quite testing experts sections for a loss of 114 marks, the youth A class rider was Curtis Fitzsimmons who dropped 70 riding the Green route sections the youth B class victor was Ben Wright who had a steady ride losing 74 in total. All three of these riders represented the North West centre in the team trial at Scarborough in August well done lads. Alex Yiatrou was the only C class rider and finished on a total of 140 marks lost well done Alex. I saw him take a nasty fall on section 8, but he is not one to give up and got through the section on his next three visits.

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