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2011 Sandiford Offroad Championship 20th March Sid Humphries Trial Rd 2 of 5

Lee Quarry was the venue for the 2011 Sid Humphries trial, after a sunny Saturday the day of the trial was a cold and overcast day with rain at the start of the day. This made the sections quite challenging and once again some high scores where recorded at the end of the day. Section one was the mark stealer for the hard route boys with nobody cleaning here at all the best effort was from trial winner Josh Law who managed a single dab ride on his second lap on the middle route section three proved to be the most challenging the best ride here on the middle route course went to Lee Walker who just dropped a dab on his third lap under the watchful eye of Anthony Bower. Section six is becoming a but of an old favorite at Lee quarry now with the narrow gulley to reach the end cards causing quite a stir and a clean here got you a cheer from your fellow riders not that there where many cleans on the day, over 40 victor Stephen Robinson had the best score with a three, 2 cleans and a dab. Curtis Fitzsimmons now on his 125cc machine took a convincing win in the A class dropping 48 in total the only other rider to better this score on the green route was intermediate winner Jimmy Bentley who lost 38 in total. Jack Butterworth got the novice win losing 48 in total and the over 50’s class went to Stephen Collinson who dropped 79 in total in the youth section once again Alex Yiatrou was the only entrant in the C class age group and finished on a total score of 134.

Report by Alan Lord

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