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2011 Novice / Beginner / Conducted Championship 15th May Trial 2 of 3

Next event 1st June

2011 The Joan Robinson Championship, 4th May Evening Trial Rd 1 of 4

Results rochdalemc040511

The First round of the 2011 Joan Robinson evening series took place at the usual venue of Back cowm quarry, with the current heat wave a warm summers night welcomed the 66 riders. The course turned out to be a bit on the easier side than normal but  still provided enough of a challenge to give us a clear winner in each class apart from the intermediates who had to be split on the most cleans ruling. So straight to the expert class and Andy Cripps who got the win and recorded his first ever clean ride in a trial, I thought he would have achieved this earlier in his career as he seems to have  been  riding trials for ever and he is still only in his thirty’s. Josh Law was relegated to the runner up spot on this occasion ending his winning streak at the Rochdale club he lost 3 in total a 2 on section 4 and a dab on section 8. But second place overall went to the only youth expert rider Jack Price who finished on a very creditable total of 2. In the inter’s it was a close fought battle between Steven Rowles and Jimmy Bentley both finished on 9 in total but Rowlesy got the verdict on Most Cleans in the Novice class Danny Sharples got the win finishing on 12 with Ross Hall second on 17. Once again the biggest class of the night was the over 40 brigade with Steven Robinson just edging out Nigel Pickering in the new over 50 class Andy Wright just had a single dab followed by Les Patinson who dropped 15 in total. With no youth A class riders present it was left to youth B class riders on the middle route section’s to make a name for them selves Jordan Kent got the win on his Gas Gas losing a total of 8 and second went to Harry Jackson who lost 28 in total, in the youth C class Alex Yiatrou went around for a loss of 40 marks dropped. Peter Andrews riding in the adult beginner class got the win losing 6 and in the youth beginners Harvey Doolan rode his Beta around for a loss of 18 and the win. And last but not least the conducted class Ellie Ingham came out on top losing 17 and second place went to Greg Weston who dropped 25 in total third placed was Lillie Yiatrou who dropped 44.