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2011 The Joan Robinson Championship, 29th June Evening Trial Rd 3 of 4

Results rochdalemc290611

Photo of Martin Jackson over 40 class winner

The Penultimate round of the Joan Robinson evening series got under way at the usual venue at back cowm quarry Whitworth with a good entry of 70 riders, with a pleasant dry evening the sections proved to be bang on the mark for severity with most classes being completed with a loss between 10 and 20 by the class winners. In the expert class on form Andy Cripps took the overall win losing 15 in total Crippsy had 2 maximums on the challenging section 5, second place went to Josh Law riding a borrowed Beta four stroke he lost just 17 in total and managed a 1 and 2 two’s on sub 5, but Crippsy was  more consistent overall. The only clean  ride on section 5 came from Paul Sullivan who cleaned on his second visit, he finished on 19 in total and came 3rd overall. The top inter was Ross Law who dropped 19 and took some good scalps in the process. Second went to Mark Jackson making a rare appearance and finishing on 21. The novice class was won by Ben Hanson on his beta losing 25 closly followed by local lad Mathew Waggett losing 27 on his Gas Gas machine. In the over 40 class Martin Jackson had a very good ride losing just 7 in total followed in by Mark Grimshaw on 10. The over 50 class went to Andy Wright who posted the best result on the middle route sections losing just 3 marks in total. In the beginners the top adult was Phil Holey on 18 and second place went to Pete Andrews on 20. The youth beginners was won by Chad Isherwood on 4 and seocond was Owen Blackburn losing 13 in total. The conducted class being supervised by Julian Ingham was won by  his daughter Ellie Ingham she dropped 29 in total closly followed by Greg Weston who dropped 34 in total.

2011 Sandiford Offroad Championship 19th June Julian Bentley Trial Rd 3 of 5

Results rochdalemc190611

First Responders Cheque Presentation

This year The Rochdale club joined forces with the Whitworth Enduro club and Cowm Leisure to raise funds to go towards a four wheel drive vehicle to be presented to the Rossendale First Responders who are a volunteer group who respond to 999 calls ahead of the normal ambulance crew’s in the more remote parts of the Rossendale Valley. With many local farms and rural Dwellings in the Rossendale area the availability of a 4×4 vehicle will aid in accessing these areas so a second hand Toyota Rav 4 was found by the Whitworth Enduro club and a cheque for £1500 from Rochdale D.M.C and Cowm leisure was also presented to go towards the running costs of the vehicle.

The cheque was presented at the Rochdale clubs 2nd evening trial with representatives from all concerned pictured.

2011 The Joan Robinson Championship, 1st June Evening Trial Rd 2 of 4

Results  rochdalemc010611