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2011 The Joan Robinson Championship, 20th July Evening Trial Rd 4 of 4

The last round of this years championship was held once again at back cowm quarry in Whitworth, with all the class leaders fighting for championship points there where some close fought battles on the night with the experts and over 40 classes both having riders finishing on the same scores and having to be separated once again by most cleans and furthest clean rulings. In the expert class Andy Cripps and Josh Law both rode the course for a total loss of 12 but once again Crippsy got he decision on the night, Andy has had a very steady season so far this year and his keeping his younger rivals at bay albeit only just in Mr. Law’s case. In the youth expert Class 13 year old Curtis Fitzsimons got one over on Richard Anderton by a 2 mark margin Curt dropped 65 To Andertons 67 total and had real a disaster on section 4 with a maximum recorded on every visit. The intermediate class had a new lease life in the form of Jack Wilkinson who rode like he was in the Scott time and ob and finished about an hour after he started, but none the less he showed them all how to do it and finished on 23 in total cleaning section 5 the river section on his way. In the novice class Jack Butterworth had the biggest winning margin of the night he only lost 4 in total with second place man Jon Decamps trailing in on a  total of 17, section 5 did most of the damage here for Decamps. Youth B and youth C only had one entry each with Connor Hogan in the B class and Alex Yiatrou in the C class. In the very competitive over 40’s class once again Martin Jackson had the upper hand losing 3 in total but Lance Ingham riding his Yamaha pinkie kept him honest also losing 3 in total the furthest clean rule had to be used to sort these two out relegated to third was Martins riding partner Stephen Robinson who dropped 7 in total. The over 50’s class was once again won by Andy Wright but by his standards he had a bit of a bad ride as he lost 10 marks in total second went to Mr. Cripps who lost a whopping 30 marks in total. Cowm leisure boss man John Whittle rode or dragged his Honda TLM 50 around as the only twin shock entrant for a loss of 55 marks. The beginners where well represented particularly in the youth class with Chad Isherwood losing 2 in total on his big wheel Gas Gas and second place went to Eight year old Max Johnson who rode his small wheel Beta 50 around for a loss of 7 in total. The conducted class once again under the careful  instruction of Julian Ingham was won by Lillie Yiatrou who dropped 14 in total second placed was Harry Heywood on 20 in total, thanks to all see you next year.