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2011 Sandiford Offroad Championship 20th November Pennine Trial Rd 5 of 5

Results rochdalemc201111

The Rochdale crew had decided to make possibly the last trial run at Shawforth quarry one to remember so with assistance from some of the older members of the committee who can still remember the old sections from the national days of the Red Rose Trial, it was decided that a large lap consisting of 12 sections was going to be the order of the day. So the course was laid out and the route marked out on Saturday on a lovely clear day, as so often happens to best laid plans the Sunday the day of the event turned out to be Foggy to say the least, pea soup jumps to mind as a description of the conditions. So extra route markers where needed and put in place, so field of109 riders would actually have some small chance of finding the sections and also finding their way back to the start area. The size of the lap and bad visibility on the day slowing forward motion down considerably and the fact that the observers where showing signs of hyperthermia the course was closed at around15:15. When the observer boards where counted it appeared that only 48 riders had ridden every section three times. So the decision had to be made for a result and the only way we could find was to drop the trial to two laps so we could get an accurate result. I can only apologize to the riders who managed to finish the three laps but at least you got a good ride out. So onto the results on the hard route there were three riders who finished on 15 in total this being Josh Law, Julian Ingham and Billy Bolt, Josh got the decision with 16 cleans compared to 15 from Julian and Billy Bolt.  Billy was unlucky in that he had five on the relatively easy section 12that cost him the overall win but he still got the best youth expert award so it was still worth the drive down from the north east. In the largest class entry of the year top intermediate was Russell Carter on 18 pushed on by Scottish vintage star Paul Heyes who dropped 21, Russell managed to clean both of the sections at Cuckoo rocks, these sections where found and set by Over 50 star Andy Wright who last rode them in 1989 when the club used them on the Red Rose and what a couple of crackers they turned out to be, proving to be just as much as a challenge 22 years later to the modern machine and rider. In the novice class Danny Sharples got the win losing 22 second went to young Jack Butterworth on 25, on this route section 7 turned into a real mark stealer the dreaded river section it was bone dry this year and proved to have less traction than when there is water present. There were only a handful of cleans here with Chris Lord cleaning on every visit the only rider to do this on his way to the over 40 class win losing a measly 6 marks in fact this was the best score on the middle route only Andy Wright nearly matched him losing 7 in total and winning the over 50 class to boot. In the youth A Class local lad Curtis Fitzsimmons got the win losing 38 in total and second went to Jamie Proctor who dropped 54, in the youth C Class Joe Hiley was top dog losing 55 and was well on the way to finishing the full three laps not bad for an 11 year old when disaster struck at cuckoo rocks and his chain snapped believe me you would not want to push it back from there. Luckily for Joe is dad is a bit of spanner man and managed to get the chain back together but the delay was too much for a full three lap finish. Second place went to Alex Yiatrou who went around for a loss of 86 in total. I would like to thank all the organizers and especially the observers some who were called out retirement to man the far out points of the course and I can only wish for sunshine if we ever get to use this land again when they have finished building roads all over the moors for the environmental friendly windmills….

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Alan Lord