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2012 The Joan Robinson Championship, 27th June Evening Trial Rd 3 of 4

Results rochdalemc270612

The third round of Rochdale and District Motor Club Joan Robinson evening trial series took place at Back Cowm Quarry, Whitworth. Despite some very wet weather sweeping the North of England, the evening was relatively dry and mild, enabling the 44 entries to enjoy three laps of eight sections at a relaxed pace.

There was to be no easy introduction to this evening’s trial however. Section one was set amongst the usual Cowm rockery, but clerk of the course , Paul Johnson, had cunningly routed the section through a muddy hole, and as any trials rider knows, large rocks liberally coated with mud equals a slippery cocktail !  On the middle route here, there were to be no clean sheets, best rides being logged by over 40’s riders Mark Grimshaw, and Stephen Robinson, with a dab a piece.

Section two was also destined to be the taker of many marks, a series of climbs and descents on a cliff face being complicated by a tight turn in loose sandy (yes, sandy !) soil. This preceded a sharp gully climb and it was soon apparent how unfamiliar are the local riders with soft loose sand beneath their knobblys, as dab after dab was cast on the turn, and many more up the following gully owing to lack of drive from the turn. Only eventual middle route winner Ben Butterworth, riding a Triumph Tiger Cub, recorded a clean sheet over three laps. Pete Clibburn was next best with just a dab. On the hard route, Jack Spencer and Josh Law both remained clean, meaning Crippsy lost ground with his “brace “.

Section five was marked out over a series of tricky rock steps, and although many cleans were recorded, surprisingly took both Robinson and Clibburn for fives on their opening lap. The hard route here was particularly tight between the various steps, and Spencer was the only rider to clean it nonstop – until the final lap when Andy Cripps rose to the challenge, positively nailing it to clean with the fastest ascent of the day!

Young Oliver Ingham made valiant attempts, but was caught out with the awkward distance between the steps. Oliver was however vocally encouraged by his dad Lance, a seasoned veteran, who was frustrated by Oliver’s apparent lack of conviction, and (allegedly !) heard to shout “Gimme that bike – I’ll show ya how !”   Oh, Lance …… how Father Time can play  games with the mind !

Results ;

Hard Route


1 Jack Spencer Beta 1 Mks lost

2 Josh Law Gas Gas 2 Ml


1 Lee Barnes Gas Gas 14  ml

2 Ben Fitzpatrick   Montesa 18 ml

Middle Route ;

Twin Shock

1 Ben Butterworth  Tiger Cub 2 ml


1 Mark GrimshawMontesa 11 ml

2 Stephen Robinson  Gas Gas 17 ml


1 Pete Clibburn Beta 12 ml

Novice  1 Jack Wilkinson  Beta 13 ml

2 Lincoln Brewster  Gas Gas 21 ml

Youth B

1 Alex Yiatrou   Gas Gas 69 ml

Easy Route ;


1 G Potter  Beta 13 ml

Youth Beg

1 Sam Blackburn  Beta  5 ml

Report : Andy Wright

2012 Sandiford Offroad Championship 17th June Julian Bentley Trial Rd 3 of 5

Results rochdalemc170612