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2012 Novice / Beginner / Conducted Championship Trial 28th Oct Rd 3 of 3

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A grim day in Bacups’ Lee quarry greeted 25 enthusiasts to contest the 3rd and final round of the Rochdale and District Motor Clubs Novice and Beginner Series.  Ian Blackburn and Barry Sanderson had put in the hours to plan 8 interesting sections, in and around the old quarry workings. The cold, wet weather created difficult riding conditions , and some of the sections proved perhaps a little trickier than anticipated, though all were cleaned regularly.

After a gentle opener, Section 2 was a cracker, twisting and turning through the rockery, with grass cambers thrown in for good measure. A clean ride here was well earned, and top of the crop on the hard route was Dave Ingram on his Scorpa, with 3 cleans. In contrast, the experienced Over 50’s rider Nigel Pickering (Beta) making a rare outing after a lengthy lay off, shed 16 marks here . On the easier route Hanna Vesterinen (Beta) and Stephen Hoyland  (Sherco) both registered a pair of impressive cleans.

Section 3, manned by Rochdale Clubman Neil Anderton, was similar in design to No2, but had a difficult climb out up a steep  and very slippery climb. This was a feature which was always going to change with the passage of riders, and so it proved . The greasy top surface scrubbed off and the exit became far easier. On the harder route riders had to negotiate a tight right hander onto the exit slope , and most managed to tame the section after the difficult opening lap. The one notable exception to this trend was novice Ben Hanson, (Beta) who, after a credible clean ride on that 1st lap, then proceeded to drop a further 7 marks over his remaining 3 laps !  The easier route avoided the final tight turn, but still nicked marks, and only Phil Seddon (Beta) and  Hoyland  escaped with a clean sheet.

A short ride around the edge of the quarry took competitors to Sec 4, and the hard route here certainly turned out to be the major mark stealer of the trial. A steep slippery descent led riders towards the real  problem, a tight turn up a very steep, narrow and greasy gulley. There was no easy answer, the turn at the foot of the gulley ensuring that riders could gain no necessary speed to attack it! There were only a handful of clean rides throughout the day, one of the best being logged by Josh Jones on his Gas Gas, the only clean managed on the 3rd lap.

Mick Whitlow manned Sec 5, kindly offering his services having tried to sever his thumb in the week  and consequently having to forego his planned ride at the Normandale Classic Trial! His Section was far more sedate than the previous one, but still caught out many.  Phil Seddon was one such rider, for having logged 3 totally convincing cleans, he was then gutted to miss a marker on lap 4 for a resounding maximum!  Ian Gent (Beta) conversely, struggled to come to terms with the slippery cambers for 3 laps, before waltzing through for the perfect clean on his last lap. The section was definitely the bogey section for promising youngster Sam Blackburn (Beta) who spoiled an otherwise steady ride with a total of 18 on this section.  Such is motor cycle Trials riding lads!

The final section of the day was situated in an elevated and exposed part of the quarry, and observer Chris Law should be congratulated for his endurance  – and managing not to be blown off the hill! The same obviously applies to all the heroes who observed and enabled this event to take part. Thanks.                                                                           Report : Andy Wright

Results ;

Adult : Hard         1 Richard Anderton     Gas Gas         5 ml

2 Anthony Farrow   Montesa            21 ml

Youth: Hard         1 Tyler Farrow       Gas Gas                71 ml

Adult: Easy          1 Hanna Vesterinen   Beta                 31 ml

2 Neil Lees     Beta                               35 ml

Youth: Easy         1 Stephen Hoyland     Sherco            11 ml

Adult : Green       1 Matt Allaby   Gas Gas                      58 ml

Youth : Green       1  Sam Blackburn  Beta                     65 ml