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2013 17th Feb Novice / Beginner Championship Trial, Rd 1 of 3

Results rochdalemc170213

Following a bleak fixture list over the winter which forced the cancellation of many a  trial,  the 1 st Round of this years Novice and Beginner 3 Event Series took place on 17/02/2013, at the tried and trusted Back Cowm Quarry, Whitworth.  Blessed with Spring like conditions , the principal organisers on behalf of Rochdale and District Motor Club , Ian Blackburn and Barry Sanderson , had laid out  4 laps of 10 well planned sections , aimed primarily at non-experts and the less experienced rider.

An encouraging entry of 45 enthusiasts signed on and eagerly  took their competition number from club Secretary Margeret . Some of these riders were  entering  their first competitive Trial, and the paddock had an often absent buzz of anticipation.

The first section , as normal, was laid out to get allow riders a gentle warm up , and get the event flowing. It still managed to catch a couple of riders having a Sunday morning lie~in , however, as both Lee Moore ( Montesa ) and Mick Whitlow ( Beta ) recorded maximums  before going on to make mincemeat out of it for the next 3 laps !

Section 4 took its share of marks , and proved a definite stumbling block for winner of the Hard route, Danny Stone (Beta)  who dropped 4 of his very steady total of 7 here.  Danny pipped Stuart Hindle ( Beta) by just 3 dabs for the win – a result which could have been so different had Stuart not dropped a clanger by fiving Section 2 on his second lap!

The main mark stealer lay in wait however at the end of the lap.  A series of tightish turns on a rocky bank punished anyone straying off line . The hard route differed from the easy route only by way of an undercut rock step just after the begins cards. But it was enough to catch many out ! Yours truly perched sadistically on the top of the hill like the proverbial vulture – pen in hand – waiting to claim my maximums !  Those without the commitment to attack the step inevitably ended up exiting the section by the wrong gate …. back through the begins cards !  One such rider was Danny Turnbull  (Sherco) , who fived first time round , but confidently proclaimed “ I’ll get it next time ! “  WRONG.  Despite 4 spirited attempts , Danny was generous enough to give me 4 x 5 !  Another  who saw demons on the rock step was Stuart “ Crasher” Cripps. No great crashes today , but Stuart definitely psyched himself out  on riding through the begins cards, and simply couldn’t resist dropping the landing gear on the step !  As is so often the case , Stuart crested the step like a rampant Salmon once the trial was over !

Mark Boulton (Sherco) attacked the middle route with vigour on his opening lap – only to loop his steed and send it cantering back from whence it came ! Mark applied himself to the Trial nicely however , improving on each lap and recording a slow , perfectly controlled ride for a 2 on his fourth lap. Pete Fletcher (Gas Gas) shed 5 of his 13 total here , en route to best performance on the easy(middle) course.

Chris Chew on his Beta made light work of the Beginners course , dropping just 3  dabs on the day, and suggesting that he is surely ripe for the step up to the Novice route .

So,  the opening round of a 3 Trial series came to a very successful conclusion , with everyone seemingly happy with their lot . A smashing  job by the organisers which bodes well for the immediate future.  The only negative for me personally is exactly why so many riders , presumably new to a trials iron, preferred to bimble around the quarry – presumably on a practice day – when there is a tailor made event taking place right under their knobblies ? It would be nice to see some of these lads and lasses signing on for the next Novice /Beginner Trial on 19th May , and discovering the joys ( and frustrations !) of observed Motor Cycle Trials.

Happy Riding  ~~~  Andy Wright


Nov (Hard)

1 Danny Stone               Beta                      7 ML

2 Stuart Hindle              Beta                      10 ML

Youth (Hard)

1 Martin Atherton        Gas Gas               22 ML

2 Sam Blackburn           Beta                      52 ML

Adult (Easy)

1 Pete Fletcher              Gas Gas                13 ML

2 Lee Moore                  Montesa               22 ML

Youth (Easy)

1 Jacob Smith                Sherco                   42 ML

2 Stephen Hoyland       Sherco                  86 ML

Adult (Beg)

1 Chris Chew                  Beta                      3 ML

2 Andrew Fearnley        Sherco                  12 ML

Youth (Beg)

1 Harvey Doolan           Beta                       3 ML

2 Ashley Brown             Gas Gas                 21 ML