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2014 19th Jan Harry Robinson Trial, Championship Rd 1 of 5

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A bright chilly day greeted nearly seventy riders for this years running of the Harry Robinson Memorial Trial. Ten sections had been set the day before, and with a decent weather forcast, plenty of grip was anticipated in the sections, but with parts of the quarry being soft and muddy, this got carried into the sections making them a bit more difficult than expected.

         Section 1 was the exception as it remained bone dry, not causing too many problems for those on the middle route, number 2 was a hill climb, with a twisty bit then a blast up the incline. 3 was a bit tricky, with the entry getting boggy, this caught out Dave Fallows whose bike took him by surprise picking up a load of grip, shooting him past the blue flag on the wrong side, unlucky David. Number 4 was quite a long section which required a  good line to make the step and get a clean, section five was right in the far corner of the quarry, the exit on this one was a track which was very slippy, you had to select the right gear and stay in the slot to make sure you got past the end cards. I must give Alan Lord a mention as he seemed to be competing in the fast eddie, and not a club trial, he flew into this section in 3rd gear, missed some of the flags, and then acted with complete surprise as he was told he,d got a five, slow down Alan….

Section 6 was one of those that seemed to change every time you rode it, then it was round to the national gulley for 7, this did get slippy, and was well capable of taking a few dabs with off cambered stones just waiting to knock you off line. Number 8 was possibly the most difficult one for those on the middle route with a tight left turn to get to the exit, number 9 gave everyone the chance to get a well earned clean, then it was up to ten, which was observed by Steven Hoyland s dad, whose arm was well and truely twisted once again, Thanks Mr Hoyland.

       Trying to gauge an opinion on a trial is not always easy, as you are never going to please everyone, maybe it could have been easier, but there are those who want it more difficult, it probably did turn out a bit trickier than intended, but I,m sure most will agree the conditions played a big part in this.

       Finally, thanks to all those who entered the trial, the organisers and most of all the observers, hope to see you back at Cowm on the 16th Feb for the novice beginner trial.