2014 23rd March Sid Humphries Trial, Championship Rd 2 of 5

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This year’s Sid Humphries Memorial Trial was held up at Shawforth Quarry on the top of Middle Hill and as advertised the club did sign post it from the main road, but as we experienced last time, one of the locals must have a dislike for the sport, breaking some of the route markers, trying to make it difficult for people to find the the venue, But despite this almost 50 riders managed to get there.

With the club now trying to cater for all abilities, there was something for everyone, from beginner through to expert, including the NEW 50/50 route in-between  beginner and clubman to  try and encourage people to make the step up  and progress in the sport.

Four laps 10 sections had been planned, going out as far as the river/ gulley section, then back into the top part of the quarry for number 3 and 4, which were observed by Paul Johnson and his son Max, but for those on the beginner and 50/50 route, it was just 8 sections with 4 decent size laps, just to give them a chance to stretch their legs. From number 4 it was a run down the road for 5, which was the only one with no observer, then on to 6(Mr Hoylands) which Sam Blackburn managed to clean on the 3rd lap with a cracking ride, 7 was observed by club secretary Margaret who was wrapped up like an Eskimo to keep out the biting wind, number 8 was close by, then it was back into the car park area for 9 and 10.

Despite the large number of trials on in the surrounding area, the entry was quite good, with the new routes bringing in some new faces, and some familiar faces on the others, including Craig Mercer who was given his award that he won two years ago(better late than never). Then there is our chairman Alan Lord, who had been doing a bit of bike maintenance in preparation For the Jack Wood, he must be a bit rusty at this, as his air box fell off at section one, luckily someone had a packet of cable ties to put his Gas Gas back together with, maybe more fortunate than that is the fact that the entries for this trial are full and he won’t have to put himself and his bike through anymore punishment.

On a day when  we saw everything from brilliant sunshine, to hailstones that pelted your face, the trial came to  a close, with some good reviews from the riders and increasing numbers, things look good for the rest of the year.

It just remains to thank everyone involved in the running of the trial, especially the observers, and we hope to see you all at the next one, hopefully when it’s a bit warmer.

Report By Barry Sanderson


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