2014 4th June, The Joan Robinson Championship, Evening Trial Rd 2 of 4

Results rochdalemc040614

The Joan Robinson, evening series rd 2 took place, on Wed 4th June at our usual venue, Back Cowm, with all the eight sections being set the night before, by Michael Whitlow, Sam Blackburn, and Barry Sanderson, the intention was, for me and Michael to look after the clubman, and beginner route, with young Sam setting the inters, and Expert, with a little advice from us both, this worked well, judging by the opinions of the riders.

After the last trial, were we got it a bit wrong, by making it too tricky, it was essential that we got back to our usual standard, and set a trial that was a good test, while making it enjoyable for the riders, and looking at the results, it was bang on.

The lap was in a clockwise direction,  that covered nearly all of the quarry, the sections were all flowing, with some on the clubman route set so all of the riders could earn plenty of cleans, with a couple of others to take a few, the beginners route was very sensibly set, aiming at both small and big wheeled bikes, but it was those riding the inters and expert, who had the stiffest test, with some tight turns and drop offs that could take your breath away. On the inters it was Andy Cripps, once again riding his twin shock Beta who led the way, whilst on the expert it was between Oliver Ingham and Josh Law, having a rare outing on his Gas Gas, who were left  to tackle the four expert sections, that proved to be well capable of taking marks in some places.

With everything packed away it was down to The Cock And Magpie, for some chicken curry and chips, and a pint and a chance for a chat, on were we had gone wrong during the trial, with Stuart Cripps having the most to say, as he said he had missed some of the flags, and managed to stall his brand new out of the box Beta, on more than one occasion.

As always it just remains to thank, the organisers, riders, Chris and Julie at the Cock for the food, and most of all the observers, hope to see you all at LEE QUARRY on the 15th June, for the Julian Bentley NWC Round.

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