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Time and Observation trial

It has been discussed casually about the feasability of running a time and observation trial at  the 400 acres venue in 2015.  One member has come up with idea of running a route in the morning for novice and beginners  and one later for expert and intermediate riders, this would allow for the riders to observe the sections. Hard route riders to observe the first session and easy route to observe second session and so on. Is this type of event something that our members are interested in? Any feedback from you will be welcome i will post on Facebook page also.

2014 AGM Update

As you may or may not know, our AGM was held on the 12th Nov, as usuall to review and discuss events from the last 12 months, with everyone staying on in their roles, with Alan Lord as Chairman, and Mick Whitlow as club President, and the addition of young Sam Blackburn as a committee member.

Hot on the agenda was the trials we put on, the general opinion from the riders is that the trials are mostly spot on, so it is a bit of a puzzle to us that the entries have been so low, the loss of a good piece of land at Shawforth for a while has done us no favours, but the news from Ian Alderson is that the work on the windfarms is well underway, and once finished the landowner is keen for us to use this venue again, whether it will be next year, we,ll just have to wait and see. So we have decided, with a limited number of venues available to us that we will use 400 Acres next year for the Julian Bentley Trial, the lap can be a bit tougher than normal, but ideal for those who like a moorland trial.

Also the entry fee has been reduced to £10 for youths to make it more affordable for dads and their lads, this may also attract a few more youngsters especially to the novice beginner series, hopefully. We are also looking into getting a new club website, something that is easy for everyone to use, so we can get the information out there for everyone to see, if anyone knows anyone who can do this, please get in touch.

On a sad note, it has been decided not to run the evening series next year due to the low entries, this is NOT set in stone, if riders think we should run these trials, and the support is there, the club is more than happy to run the series again, its up to you guys, just let us know what you think.

With the new piece of land at Walsden and the good news for the land at Shawforth it may start to look up for the club this year, and hopefully, with the changes the club have planned, people can see that we are trying …..

Hope to see you all at our next trial, which is the Pennine Trial At Lee Quarry, and the one after this is our Charity Trial on Boxing Day, thanks to all of you that have supported us throughout the year, see you soon…..

2014 16th Nov Pennine Trial, Championship Rd 5 of 5

Results rochdalemc161114

With the wind farm under construction at Shawforth, this years trial was held at Lee Quarry, Rossendale, the venue may have been different, but the weather was consistent with past years, damp, chilly and really foggy early on, this did clear thankfully to reveal quite a nice day for the time of year.

As this is regarded as one of our bigger trials, a much longer lap was set, with one or two sections in that have not been used for many years, hopefully everyone enjoyed the blast across the moor, and that everyone got a good nights sleep Sunday.

Once everyone had listened to the usual briefing, with all the doos and don,t,s , and there is plenty of these at this venue, off everyone went in the usual controlled manner (you must be joking), to tackle the 10 sections, the first of these looked pretty straight forward at first glance, but as the riders studied the section, one or two found out just how slippy it was, by ending up on their backsides.

Section two looked a bit on the hard side on the first lap, but got easier because of some of the rocks moving as the trial went on, number three was possibly the hardest of all, it didn,t look good at all, you had to be confident in what you were doing and go for it, the best rides on this were Andy Wright, Lance Ingham who managed to get three cleans. Into the river for number 4, slippy at first but got better as the day went on, five was further up, not too many problems here, then upto six, which was observed by Matt Allaby, fresh out of hospital and recovering from a shoulder operation.

Now, onto seven, a natural beck, that has not been used for some time, observed by  Blacky, who took his bike to get to this one, with his son Sam in close pursuit on the first lap, Blacky thought it was time to teach the young upstart a lesson, by opening the throttle on his 4rt completely covering Sam in that back smelly stuff that has probably been on the moors for hundreds of years, turning Sam from that  fresh faced Essex boy, into someone who resembled a coconutter.

Along run across the moor brought you to number eight, observed by Rhianna, not too difficult, giving you a chance for a breather, nine was similar, then onto ten, this had a tricky camber that could easily catch you out.

I feel i should give our Chairman Alan Lord a mention, who turned up with his bike on Saturday to  do the moor section, bike maintainance can,t be high on his list of priorities, as both of his rear wheel bearings were absolutely knackered, once this had been pointed out to him by yours truely, he replied “it,ll be right”, no Alan it won,t, so then instead of going to the pub, he spent the later part of Saturday fitting bearings that he probably blagged off Fitzy,then on Sunday he could have done with a metal detector, as he was seen looking for his rear brake pedal on the moor, i,m sure i told him to use loctite, never mind, he,ll fix it later, probably on the day of the next trial.

With everyone finished, most riders i spoke to enjoyed the day which was good to hear, it was also pleasing to see a bigger entry, hopefully word it getting out, all sections were observed as well, thanks to our friends at Darwen Trials Club for collecting the route markers at the end and bringing so many observers, thanks to everyone who has supported us this year, see you all at Cowm for our charity trial on Boxing day.