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2014 Boxing Day Charity Trial 26th December

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Our boxing day trial was once again run at Back Cowm Quarry on an absolutely freezing cold damp afternoon, with 8 sections 3 laps planned which had been set on Christmas Eve, by Ian and Sam Blackburn.
Once you got out of the car park, it was up to section 1, a tight right turn up and over a few rocks, a couple of cambers but nothing too difficult for the first of the eight sections, number 2 was just a bit further up the road, observed by Mick Whitlow who was well wrapped up to protect himself from the cold, then it was down towards the graffiti wall to what was possibly the hardest of the lot number three, this had a tight right turn in a hole, the trick with this was to try and pull the bike on the turn, this caught Fitzy out a couple of times resulting in fives, then there was the end that got more difficult as the day went on, number four was a pretty easy flowing section, five was observed by Alan Lords daughter who was half frozen by the end of the trial, this was a tight one with a technical right turn on the top of a banking, then on and around to six, very slippy rocks that i took for granted on the first lap, costing me a five, number seven took a lot of studying on the first lap for most riders, but it did actually ride ok, once riders had worked out their line, then finally it was up to Mr Hoylands, long and flowing, not causing too many problems.
Another trial over, and no doubt a sizeable sum raised for a local charity, last year it was the Air Ambulance who benefited by recieving a cheque from the club and Cowm leisure, for the princely sum of £2000, thanks to ALL who braved the freezing conditions to observe, Blacky and Sam for setting out what was a cracking trial, and most of all everyone who turned out, and have supported us this year.