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2015 15th Feb Harry Robinson Trial, Championship Rd 1 of 5

Results rochdalemc2015.02.15

After the cancellation of this trial back in January due to the snow and ice, this Sunday saw the annual running of the Harry Robinson Memorial Trial, we were lucky though because if the trial had been the week before there,s  a good chance it would have been called off again, as the quarry was still covered with the white stuff, which would have made it difficult to put in a decent lap, as it happened it had thawed in time, leaving the ground soft and muddy, making it very slippy in places.
Its fair to say, that the trial rode more difficult than intended, with some tight turns and sections that became very greasy as the gritty mud was transferred onto the rocks, numbers 2 and 3 were the main culprits, with the riders on the intermediate route having the toughest time. Ten sections running in an anticlockwise direction, using the full perimeter of the quarry had been set the day before, number 1 was steady away for most,with the experts having to go way up the hillside to get to flags, this seemed to be the calm before the storm as 2 was quite a bit stiffer, especially for the inters, onto to
3 which was observed by Brian Mills, good to see him him back in action after being seriously injured in a biking accident, this had a steep hill for the exit, and even though we lowered the position for the exit, it still proved tricky, taking marks off plenty of the riders, 4 was in the national gulley, stick to your line and you were ok, if you didn,t you would loose marks as I found to my cost on the last lap. From there it was up to 5 in the river, a long one which was observed by someone whose name I don,t know, but he was very generous as he wouldn,t take his 15 quid for observing, what a nice man. Six was right at the back of the quarry, this had a kink in it, that tried its best to put you off line, close by was 7, with some pretty big rocks for the experts, or pebbles as Cripsy calls them, 8 was observed By Blacky, fairly straight forward, I didn,t see this causing too many problems for the riders, a long run to 9, observed by Alan Lords wife, after a romantic valentines meal the evening before it was a day of observing up in Cowm Quarry, what more does a girl want?, then head towards the carpark for 10, this section was in a different area, which was good as its sometimes hard to find new bits.
At the end of the day I think most will have known they have done a trial, with some looking tired by the end , with one or two sections that gave you a buzz if you got a clean, and talking to people after, the verdict seemed to be, tough but fair.
A good entry and a full compliment of observers for the first time in a while was also good to see, so thanks to everyone who turned up, Lordy and his team for setting out the trial, and most of all the ten observers, hope to see you all in March at Lee Quarry for the Sid Humphries trial……