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2015 22nd Mar Sid Humphries trial, Championship Rd 2 of 5

Results rochdalemc2015.03.22

A bright blue sky, sunshine and a bone dry venue greeted the riders
who came for this years running of the Sid Humphries trial, at Lee
Quarry, Rossendale, the trial was set the day before in similar
conditions, and with good weather forcast on Sunday, grip was never
going to be a problem.
After the trial briefing, most of which was to warn the entry
not to go on any of the cycle tracks, off everyone went to have a go
at the 10 sections that laid in wait, number 1 was up in the basin of
the quarry, deprived of sun all day, observed by young Alex who must
have been lonely and cold up there, we,ll try and put you in a nice
spot next time Aex, back down the road for 2, this had a tight turn
and a couple of tricky cambers that caught out a few,3 was observed by
Brian, good to see him back looking like he,s getting back to good
health giving the riders some of his usuall banter. Follow the route
markers up to the river for number four, the hardest thing about this
was the tricky entry down into the gulley, five was fairly straight
forward not causing too many problems, up the road to 6, this had a
difficult entry that you just had to get right and was very green the
first time through, observed by Blacky who looked like a very lonely
figure out there on the edge of the moor, from there it was a blast
across the moor for a good bit of arm pump, re enter the quarry on the
far side for section 7, this did cause a few problems for Ben Hanson,
usually spot on in his approach to a section, this time this must have
eluded him as he impressed the watching riders with a fine impression
of Superman, not sure if he was so equally impressed. 8 was observed
by Emma Titley, sat there in the sun in a deck chair, can,t be bad,
the expert route looked hard and took a few marks, whilst the clubman
was nice and steady. Number 9 was also bathed in sunshine, it was
there I saw something I,d not seen before, I had to look twice, and it
was Lance Ingham,On  A Modern bike, must be going soft in his old age,
a run down the road to number 10, observed by Glen Gosling, who had
only turned up to pay his membership, thanks for that Glen.
Another trial over, and for a change the weather had been kind
to us, the sections themselves provided various challenges for the
riders to overcome, with everyone saying they enjoyed the day, thanks
to everyone who observed, Lordy and his small team for setting out,
the riders for turning out, and we hope to see some of you at our next
trial which is Round 1 of our novice beginner series at

Next event

19th April Novice / Beginner trial at Walsden