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2015 21st June Julian Bentley trial, Championship Rd 3 of 5

Results rochdalemc2015.06.21

After a couple of years away, this year’s Julian Bentley Memorial Trial was back at 400 Acres Dunnockshaw, up near the weather stations, a place not for the faint hearted, with moor crossings, bogs, stream sections, and a graded hill climb thrown in, just for good measure.

The trial had been set the day before in pretty awful conditions, and if you think it was hard getting around, try doing it with 2 or 3 section bags on your back, and as it had not been used for a while it was well overgrown with tracks and ruts that caught us out on Saturday, but hopefully became easier on the Sunday as the riders managed to clear a way round. After the briefing which made all the riders aware of the possible hazards, off they went across the moor, down the hillside to get to sections 1 and 2, both these were pretty close together, follow the fence line back towards the river for 3 , 4 and 5, all will have been green on the first lap, the exit on 5 had a bog that Alan Lord sank waist deep into on Saturday as he tried to plot a way round, as always its eventful when Alan’s around, also losing his kick start which he has been trying in vain to remove for the last 6 months, luckily for him the eagle eyed Andy Fitzsimmons somehow managed to spot it on the moor, 6 was the graded hill climb, 7 and 8 were just passed the big shale hill in a gulley, then back up the road to section 9 which we had to put in because Paul Heys had spent so much time and effort digging it out on Saturday, he looked to be in his element, his girls were not so as the novelty wore off, finally up the road, get across the bog for the last but not least 10, then back into the car park for a good sit down and energy food.

This is a place that gives the rider more of test than your usual trial, the lap is tougher for a start and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, the riders said the sections were fair, but slippy on the first lap, and an entry of 40, which was not bad given the other events that were on the same weekend, so thanks to all who helped out including Fitzy who gave us a lift on Saturday, the observers,  and the landowner for the use of the land, see you at our next trial at Back Cowm in July for our Saturday eve trial with food provided, thanks……..

Report by Barry Sanderson