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2015 13th September Dale trial, Championship Rd 4 of 5

Results rochdalemc2015.09.13

Rochdale & DMC Dale trial was held for the second time at the relatively new venue at Walsden in Todmorden and on a sunny Sunday morning it makes a change to be riding a trials bike in competition around  100 yards away from civilisation, and not be expecting the boys in blue to be paying a visit. This a cracking little venue and provides some testing sections that do not require vertical rock steps or death defying slopes  to take marks from the entry. The trial was run on the 13th of September unfortunately this date clashed with a couple of local Nationals so an entry of 35 was not unexpected on the day, but on the plus side there were no section queues. There was just the one expert rider local Butcher Josh law making a reappearance after a break from the sport, he had a steady ride but could have  done with some company to bed the expert sections in especially on the grassy sections. The majority of the entry was made up of Novice and beginner route riders with closest result coming in the Novice section with Ben Hanson just getting the better of Ian McMahon by 2 marks. One of my favourite sections at Walsden is the stream section at Sub 8 observed by young Max Johnson, there were only 2 cleans here  all day here and both where achieved by the over 40 section brigade, yours truly and Jason Dunning who finished first and second respectively. Over 50 award went to Andy Fitsimmons fresh back from holiday and complaining of being jet lagged or something along those lines, the youth beginners went to Henry Stephenson the only youth riding a petrol machine and second went to his sibling Freddie Stephenson on his Ossett. The best crash of the day award was probably recorded on section 9 Observed by Ian Blackburn. I may have won this award myself but Sam Blackburn did a cracking attempt at dropping of a rock and stopping dead going downhill unfortunately for Sam his arms or shoulders where not up to the impact, but fortunate for Sam his legs and other regions hitting the handlebars stopped in going over the top as he careered of down the fore mentioned hill completely out of control before landing in a heap. A bit more upper body strength required master Blackburn but none the less very entertaining, and that is about it from the Dale trial 2015 thanks to all who entered and observed, next trial Novice & Beginner final round at Lea Quarry Stacksteads on Sunday 25th of October.