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2015 15th November Pennine trial, Championship Rd 5 of 5

Rochdale and District MC ran its Pennine trial on Sunday the 15th November against all odds, as the rain and wind continued to rage at the high south Pennine venue of Lee Quarry, Stacksteads. The clubs hardy band of section plotters were at it whilst near dark the prior day, with the dilemma of whether to run the full course as promised for Sundays event, choosing to stick to their loyals, the moor crossing to Carters Creek was to be included come Sunday morning.

For the 49 brave riders a great days trialing awaited, however even some of the regulars had stayed at home due to the severe weather that was forecast. The format was to be 10 sections lapped 4 times. The emphasis being on traditional rideable sections, as the going alone would take its toll on most, who are now more used to “post stamp” size courses. Section 1 on the corner of the main quarry bowl got things under way, a series of twists and turns between the rock spoils, a swift flow of riders got things moving.  Due to the weather everybody was keen to get on, even the Hanson’s for once! Section 2 was close by and similar to the first.  Brian Mills was on section 3 and he seems pretty much back to his old self after his accident earlier this year, with his usual “verbal abuse” dished out to all competitors as is the norm!  The section consisted of what were now flooded rock pools with some turns and an odd step or two to take you to the ends cards. This must have been novice rider Craig Mercer’s bogey section as it took him for 4 maximums on his otherwise respectable score sheet.  Novice class winner on the day was John Nolan his straight forward riding style suiting the traditional sections with Ben Hanson in second 2 marks adrift.  Section 4 had to be re-thought on the morning of the trial as the old stone flags at “one man’s path” were unable to be seen let alone ridden, as the amount of water rushing off the moors rose to a torrent, quick thinking by the clerk of the course Alan lord and co meant that there was now a double sub of 4 and 5. This adapted section turned out to take most of the marks in the trial but worked really well, riders having to cross the swollen stream and traverse a grass banking, with the hard route going higher up. On the second lap a large rut dug out that would stop you with your footrests unless you went across it, on the hard route trial winner Andrew Cripps was as entertaining as ever without knowing it, as he jumped the stream on the “Sandiford Sherco” and shot so far up the banking he was left looking for reverse at the top! Crispy, who’s bad with his lamps these days didn’t realise it was a double sub so rode section 5 blind for another clean!  Section 6 was in fine form pretty much the same for all , up a long rocky flowing  stream with a  decent step at the top, it’s been used in trials since the 60’s, the hard route having a sharp left turn at the top that caught out intermediate “Scott Trial “ finisher David Heys for a 5.  In the over 40’s Frenchman Scardon Coupe went well here bagging 4 cleans, were class winner Dave Fallows took two 1’s on his sheet, lone twinshock rider Adam Mcanna was steady coaxing his little Fantic up for 3 x 1’s and a clean.  It was then out over the moors to “Carters creek” that mirrored a typical “scottish section” in full flow, one route only up this one, perhaps the amount of water was a bit daunting for some but it rode fine if you could stay out of the holes!  Eventual over 50’s winner was Rochdale stalwart Andy Wright who was having a now rare outing, tempted out with the promise of a “proper trial” only shed a dab here.  On the inters Jimmy Mcanna, Shaun Hazelwood, Martin Jackson and “ride ons” Craig Robertson all went through for a 1, with only Paul Heys going clean, the later was finally stringing a good ride together on the ” Tramadol “ Beta to take the class win.

From carters you then got the chance to really wind it up and “race your mates” as the return moor crossing took things back into the far side of the quarry where the remaining 4 sections were waiting  all of which were steady and rideable, giving up plenty of cleans.  Also worth a mention are our 3 youth riders Josh Chew, Jamie Jackson and Charlie Cripps who took on the full course, commiserations however to Jamie who drowned his bike and had to retire.  Pat on the back to you, it’s all character building stuff!

To wrap it up, with the weather conditions that were forecast, what we actually got on the day was a bonus, the feedback from the riders at the finish was of a cracking trial well worth the effort for those who turned out, the bath never felt so good! Many thanks to all observers and helpers, next event Boxing Day charity trial at “sunny Back Cowm”.

Results rochdalemc2015.11.15