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2016 24th Jan Harry Robinson Trial, Championship Rd 1 of 5

Results rochdalemc20160124

This years trial was once again held at Cowm Quarry, put back a week
because of an Enduro Day, this actually did us a favour, because on
the original date, the 17th, 4 inch of snow fell which would have led
us to cancel another trial which is obviously not ideal.
We had set the sections the day before, working closely with the
people at Cowm Leisure to ensure the safety of the riders as Enduros
were also going to be there, so we went in an anticlockwise direction,
same as everyone else, but staying on the inside of the tracks, the
ten sections its fair to say were longer than usuall, technical in
places, testing the ability of the entry, and if you ride there often
you will know how greasy the rocks can get , as a line appears through
the sections…
So all that was left to do on Sunday was to hope that  a few
turned up to ride, which they did, the weather to be kind, and it was,
and Blacky to get up on time to put the route markers in, which he
didn,t.  As I loaded my gear into the van I could see no movement at
Ian,s place , so I gave him a knock, after a while a sad looking
figure opened the door, not the best thing I have ever seen first
thing on a Sunday morning, I got the markers and went off up to Cowm,
followed later by Ian, looking about as rough as a bears bottom.
Between us in the end , we got all the observers, and after the
briefing the trial got under way, and apart from a little confusion
over which sections the novice 50/50 rode everyone had a good day…
As always its a big thankyou to everyone who observed, the
course plotters, including Cripsy who gave us a lift, and John at Cowm
for the use of the land, our next trial is round 1 of the nov beg
series, back at Cowm 14th Feb, then its the presentation evening on
the 5th March, thanks and see you all soon….

2015 Boxing Day Charity Trial – Cancelled

CANCELLED due to weather