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14th February Novice & Beginner Trial, Championship Rd 1 of 3 at Back Cowm

Results rochdalemc2016.02.14

Lots of new faces came to the first novice beginner trial of the year, including quite a few youngsters, who posed for a team picture before the start of the trial, most of these were accompanied by their parents who got plenty of exercise, following them around a shortened lap on a bright crisp day.
We usually have a ten section format, but with snow in the forecast, we decided to put eight in on Saturday and wait until Sunday morning to see what the weather had thrown at us. We did have snow in the early hours, but with a bright blue sky we added the extra two, just so you got your monies worth, and what was pleasing too is that they were all observed. After the usual briefing, everyone went to take on the ten sections; the same three routes as last year were available, the beginners following the green and orange flags, a novice easy course on red and blues, and a novice route that deviated to the white and yellows. This was set a bit tighter in places to test this level of rider, while those on the easy novice route had a bit more room to manoeuvre, whilst the beginners speaks for itself, ideal for the raw beginner and the kids on their electric bikes.
The trial went in a clockwise direction, with the first section near to the carpark, two was nearby, then the riders headed for the shale banking’s near the old brick crusher, observed by Chris Chew, tucked up in his white van, then onto the graffiti wall for 4 and 5, head up the road for 6 near the sandstones, watched by Paul Johnson, who was well wrapped up for the conditions, across to the other side for 7, this was tight and greasy for those on the novice route, head back towards the carpark for eight, this again was a slippy one that I never got my head around all day, then up the hill for the last two 9 and 10, both nice sections to end the lap.

Even though we had a decent size entry, most riders were finished for 2 o’clock, good for the observers who we should thank once again for standing out there in the freezing cold, thanks to John at Cowm Leisure for the use of the land, you the riders for turning up and supporting us, and everyone who helped in the running of the trial.

Our presentation evening is on the 5th March, everyone is welcome, tickets are £5
Thanks once again and see you soon…….

Report by Barry Sanderson