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2016 19th June Julian Bentley trial, Championship Rd 3 of 5

This years trial was held at Walsden, up on the hillside behind Gordon Riggs, with good views of the surrounding area, including the local cricket pitch, just, so you could chill out after the trial. Ten sections had been plotted, catering for all classes, with most on the middle route or the inters, there was just one expert, the ever present Andy Cripps, and a couple of riders on the easier routes, the only blot though was the fact that some reprobate had knicked the flags off section 6 and also emptied the remaining flags out of the bag that had been left on the section, presumably into the canal, this caused a slight delay as the section was reset, with Blacky picking up the board, obviously after his efforts the previous day Ian was less than impressed, made worse as his son, Sam had eaten his remaining flap jack.
Nine out of the ten sections had different routes for the classes, the exception was 7, which had one route for everyone, except beginners, this was the gulley, which repeatably caught out most riders, each trying in vain to get a well deserved clean, Anthony Farrow was one of these frustrated people, by only getting a clean on his last attempt, the stand out rider on this section was the silky Pete Clibburn, who I believe got 4 cleans on a very tricky beck.
So that was it, a bit down on numbers, but with everyone having a good trial, all the sections observed, a warm dry day with everyone finished before the rain came, thanks to landowner for the use of the land, the riders  and the observers.
Just one last thing to mention, Alan Lord, our chairman is cycling from lands end to John o Groats in the aid of Cancer Research in September, its not just a ride he can complete in his own time, its nine days in a group of riders, with professional riders setting the pace to make sure they make their deadline, the positive from this is that he will raise £1500 for a really good cause, any donations are welcome and can be made from the link on our website, or contact Alan, thank you and see you all soon…