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2018 28th Jan Harry Robinson Trial

Results rochdalemc2018.01.28

(Please click on the link above for the results)

A free weekend in the nwc calendar meant we could squeeze in this year’s Harry Robinson trial at back cowm, heavy snow the previous week meant the access road was very slippy and the quarry itself had a good covering of snow .Having had to reschedule the trial we knew the entry would be down on what we expected the week before due to a big trial in Cumbria and also other clubs trying to re run their trials, but around fifty riders turned out for what in the end was a good trial. We had spoken to John at cowm on Monday and we agreed to Have a smaller lap as we had to share the quarry with the 4x4s because it’s the last Sunday of the month. Setting out on Saturday was cold, we split up at the start and left Paul Heys to plot number 1, a couple of logs for the clubman to get over and some rocks at the end that were quite tricky, on the intermediate route Andy Cripps made it look easy as he continues to recover from injury, 2 was a tight one, probably taking the majority of marks for the clubman, 3 was observed by Margaret Whitlow, well wrapped up as usual , a section which flowed well not causing too many problems, 4 was new one the hillside near to the leap of faith, from there you had to nip around the back of the pit bike track to get to 5, a variation on things that have been tried in the past, then probably the longest run between sections to 6, a good section with a steep exit, this gave me a scary moment second time round as the bike decided to die just as I was about to get commit, down into the sandstones for 7 with its large flat rocks which have plenty of grip, 8 was a green route, tight and slippy at the end, 9 was heading back to the graffiti wall, this didn’t deteriorate as we thought and the grip level was pretty good all the trial, last but not least was ten, fairly straightforward on all routes unobserved for most of the trial with riders having to mark each other.

That sums up a trial which I think was worth re running, thanks to Blacky, lordy, and Paul for setting out, everyone who observed and those riders who picked up a board, Margaret and Kingsley for the results and anyone I’ve forgot to mention. Need to give John a mention at cowm leisure for the use of the land so we could rearrange the trial.
Our next trial is Feb 18th, Nov beg rd1@ cliviger….