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2018 18th February Novice & Beginner Trial, Championship Rd 1 of 3 at Cliviger

Results rochdalemc2018.02.18

(Please click on the link above for the results)

A wet and slippy Calderhead farm at Cliviger was the place for our first round of the novice beginner series this year. Me and Ian had put in the eight sections on the Saturday, we tried our best to avoid anything that would have been too greasy on the day of the trial and I think we managed to do this with the real slippy bits being in-between the sections. Number 1was in the old favourite, the stream, nothing too drastic, the drop into the stream may have been a bit daunting for the absolute beginner, but we just wanted to avoid two way traffic at the exit, two was on the bankings opposite the stream, a couple of riders on the novice route failed to give this one enough respect first time round meaning they ended up lower down the banking than they intended resulting in 5s, three was at the bottom of the woods that’s not been used for a while, onto four observed by Stephen hoyland, don,t think he intended to stay in one place all day but thanks for helping out, round to the top of the woods for 5 and 6, both slippy and tricky, good bike control and lines were essential to get cleans on these two.  Up to the big gulley for seven, then across to probably the hardest of the lot 8, very tight and twisty, this was the one that will decide who came out on top.

A nice little trial to start the series off, thanks to Tony for the use of the land, everyone who helped run the trial and all the observers. Next trial is in march @  Lee quarry.