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2018 17th June Julian Bentley Trial round 2 of 5

Results rochdalemc2018.06.17

(Please click on the link above for the results)

Fathers day was  again the date for this years Julian Bentley trial,
held at South Hollingworth Farm, up above Walsden. A compact venue
with plenty of rockery, some pretty big if you have the bottle and
skill for that kind of thing.
      Eight sections were put in on the Thursday night because some
of us had work and family commitments at the weekend, leaving just two
to do on the morning of the trial. Andy Wright put in the first 3
sections.all measured to perfection, in and around those rocks that
have loads of grip. Most of the other sections were set very similar,
simply because of the nature of the land, 6 was different, under the
trees in the woods at the bottom of the hill, a couple of twists and
turns up and around the bankings, then 7, the Beck which had a lot
less water in it then usual, but it was even more greasy than in the
past, a real mark taker.
                  A good entry seemed to enjoy a trial which was
testing and tight in places , there was also a good number of
spectators for most of the day, giving the trial a different feel.
                We would like to thank the landowner for the use of
his land, the riders and watchers for making it worthwhile and all the
ten people who observed, our next trial is the Syd Humphries at Lee
Quarry in July…..