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2018 21th October Novice & Beginner Trial, Championship Rd 3 of 3

Results rochdalemc2018.10.21

2018 9th September Dale trial, Championship Rd 4 of 5

Results rochdalemc2018.09.09

Thanks to the riders who turned out for Sundays trial at Bill
Francis,s land at Diggle, near Delph. An entry pf 22 was what we
probably anticipated because of some big trials and the number of
events that were on the same day.. We had put in 9 sections for most
with the beginners missing out on number 7 under the bridge because of
its difficulty.
Starting down in the bottom corner, the trial
basically followed the river up and under the bridge, the sections
were in the usual areas but we did try to put a variation on what had
been done before, 8 was over some loose stones and up around a tree,
which was tight and slippy for the expert riders, finally 9 was a long
section, observed by Glen Gosling,  this had some cambered turns that
reqd a good line.
So , the trial was over a bit early with everyone happy
with the trial, and  despite the low entry we did manage to get 5
observers with riders having to pick up the rest of the boards, thanks
to Bill for the use of the land, all of you who observed, Paul and
Alan for setting out and Margaret for the results….
Our next trial is a novice beginner, we are looking at
Back Cowm for this , we do have a plan B, so please keep a check on
the website or Trials Central. Thanks again, see you all soon….