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2018 Boxing Day Trial Charity Trial

There was was a bumper turnout for this years Boxing Day Trial at Back
Cowm Quarry, which as always is in the aid of charity that we run in
conjunction with John at Cowm Leisure. Last year the Air Ambulance
Service and Whitworth Valley Sports both recieved £500, the Air
Ambulance is a great cause because time saves lives, Whitworth Sports
is a grass routes organisation so any donation is always gratefully
recieved, so thanks to everyone for supporting this years trial as it
means we are able to donate to some more worthy causes in the new
                As for the trial, well it was the usuall format for
boxing day, 8 sections, 3 laps, Jack Spencer and George Morton added a
bit of spice in the experts by having a £100 bet on who finished
first, this could have been done after a few drinks in the pub a
couple of days earlier because in the cold light of the day it was
down to 20 quid, far more sensible…..
              Section 1 was near to the moon rocks, one that had to
reset before the trial got underway, we set out on the Sunday so i
suppose it was inevitable people would practice, 2 was in the bottom,
this was slippy on all routes, 3, well you just couldn,t see in the
mist as riders had to be directed up to Paul heyes. 4 was the National
Gulley, an old favourite on boxing day, a bit harder this year as its
become more dug out inbetween those rocks, then the riders had a long
ride over to 5, observed by Blacky, this caught out a few on the green
route near the end cards, 6 was observed by young Alex, this had a
couple of off cambered turns that caused problems on the clubman
route, then it was a long run for 7, near the graffitti wall, this had
a small step in it for the beginners, a bit of a naggery turn over a
rock slab for the clubman and as always some big stuff for the
experts. Then a hop over to 8, a shale hill and some slippy slabs that
were always gonna catch out those who got the pace of the section not
quite right…
                Thanks to everyone for your support, John at Cowm
Leisure For the use of the land, everyone who helped with the running
of the trial, and the eight observers…Have a good New Year and
hopefully see you Back at Cowm for the Harry Robinson Trial On the
27th Jan…..