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2019 27th Jan Harry Robinson Trial

Results rochdalemc20190127

Sunday saw a good entry brave the bitterly cold wind for this years
trial at Back Cowm, Whitworth, snow a few days before had cleared on
Friday, leaving the ground a bit on the soft side causing some of the
sections to become harder as the day progressed.
                    Ten sections were set on Saturday, the beginner
route was a little harder than normal, the clubman was aboiut  right,
having rode it, the intermediate route was to be fair harder than we
intended with one or two being too tight for the conditions, sorry
lads we got that a bit wrong, those riding the expert route had a good
test also with some pretty big steps to go at from a short run up. The
lap we put in was intended to keep the riders away from the 4x4s
which were out in force and because of the numbers they came a little
closer to the sections than we would have liked, but having said that
there wasn,t any issues with everyone showing consideration and
watching out for each other…
                    The last three trials have seen us get bigger
entries so thanks to everyone for your continued support, also thanks
to those who set out on Sat, Alan Lord, Ian Blackburn, Barney, Sam
Blackburn and Paul Heyes, thanks to John at Cowm Leisure for the use
of the land, and most of all the ten Observers for standing out in
that Freezing cold wind..
                   Our next trial is 17th Feb at Cliviger, the first
of our Nov Beg Series….