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2019 24th March Sid Humphries Trial Club Championship round 2 of 5

Results rochdalemc2019.03.24

A good size entry once again turned out for this years trial at Lee
Quarry, the weather was dry but a bit cold and breezy for those who
came to observe, especially for the youngsters who observed sections 4
and five. Me (Barry) , Alan Lord, Paul Heys and Fitzy had put in the
10 sections which turned out to be tight and niggly in places, with
the beginners having four laps of nine sections as they missed out
number 6, but to be fair i think they could have had a go at this one
as it rode quite nice once you had got down into the river. We even
had a visit from the boys in blue as they had recieved an email from
Lancashire County Council notifying them that we were running an
event, he took some pictures and videos giving us some positive
feedback for a change, at least the sight of him made those illegally
practicing keep a low profile for a while…..
Thanks to Lancs County for the use
of their land, the lads for setting out, Margaret and Kingsley for the
results, and everyone who observed, our next trial is at Back Cowm on
the 28th April, a novice beginner round


2019 17th February Novice & Beginner Round 1

Results rochdalemc2019.02.19

Cliviger was again the place for our first round of the novice
beginner trials we have this year.  A dry week before meant the land
was drier than normal for this time of year, so with one eye on the
forecast we set the ten sections on the easier side, the one exception
was number 1 on the harder route. Watching the riders on Sunday we
could see they had to go through the reds then back into the white and
yellow deviation then attack the hill with a very short run up, one
explanation could be that those practicing on Saturday had disturbed
the flags and put them back in the wrong place, because me and Blacky
cant,t remember setting the section out in that way, but then again we
are getting on a bit and the memory is not what it used to be, but
either way the riders did seem to mind the added difficulty.
Sections 2 and 3 were close by, then over to the bottom of the woods
for 4, at first glance it looked a little confusing with plenty of
flags of different colour’s for the 3 routes, 5 took you into the woods
a good section for both of the novice courses, Margaret observed 6 at
the top left corner and 7 was just opposite, unobserved at the start
but an unlucky rider picked up the board because his bike developed a
problem, 8 was over the wall on a greasy banking, Lee Titley struggled
to get to grips with this one as she tries to get used to her new
bike..9 was in the big rock gully, Blacky had put a tight turn in for
the harder route which took marks off most, then over to far corner
for ten, something new that had not been in before, slippy on the
downhill as Keith Goodwin found to his cost as his Fantic tucked in on
him, hurting his knee, hope its not too serious Keith and your back on
it soon….
              Thats the first one out of the way, thanks to everyone
for your support as another good entry enjoyed a good days sport, Tony
for the use of his land, and all of you who observed, our next trial
is at Lee Quarry in March…..