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2019 16 June Juilian Bentley Trial, Championship Rd 3 of 5

Results rochdalemc2019.06.16

A smaller than normal entry turned out for this years trial at Walsden. Those that did had a stiffer test than intended, partly because it is a piece of land that is tricky to set out on especially when you are trying to plot routes for beginners and experts, and to be fair the bits in between the sections probably caused a few problems for those on the beginner route mainly getting from section 9 to number ten as it got slippy around those rocks on the hillside..No complaints from the riders though as they seemed to accept the added difficulty, Mason Carter continues to improve as he gets used to riding the intermediate route, Gabby Whitham has also moved up to the experts and young Charlie Cripps continues to impress on the Youth Intermediates, i,m sure it will not be too long before he also moves up to the same route as his dad Andy. Martin Jackson had a good ride on my section 9 with 3 cleans and one dab on his last lap, one of the better rides on the day. The entry may have been a bit low but we did manage to Have 7 observers which was good with the riders having to watch themselves through on the other 3 sections, thanks to those who helped out during the trial, Stephen Hoyland for paying the observers, and young Harry Cripps for bringing in the route markers, thanks to Margaret for the results and the landowner for the use of his land. Our next trial is in September hope to see you there.