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2020 26th January Harry Robinson Trial

Results rochdalemc2020.01.26

It was a cold wet day at Back Cowm Quarry for this years trial, which saw 50 odd riders tackle some wet and greasy sections in full view of the lads in their 4 wheel drives who were also using the quarry for their monthly day out.

We were short of a few observers  but the first 4 were manned, Steve Ellis on number 1, a difficult one for the experts with the grip level so low, 2 was watched by Stephen Hoyland sat in the comfort of his pickup, again this looked hard for the experts, but Charlie Cripps is beginning to really progress at this level and should be the one to beat in the not too distant future.
3 was a shale hill climb, very slippy on the turn before you went up , and 4 was opposite the brick crusher, observed by Bill Francis, again sat in the comfort of his vehicle, this had a tricky turn on the main route that needed a good line to get a clean, 6 and 7 were in the very back of the quarry, both had no observers with  riders having to judge each other, section 8 had no observer for a while but later Paul Heyes wife walked up to take over, Margaret and Lauren were on 9, and again the riders had to mark each other on 10.
       The weather turned out to be a bit miserable on the day and this may have had an effect on the entry which was a bit down on previous years, but the trial itself was about right for the conditions . Thanks to everyone who observed, John at Cowm for the use of the land, and all the riders for your support.

2019 Boxing Day Trial Charity Trial

Results rochdalemc2019.12.26

The Boxing Day Trial Charity Trial was run once again at Back Cowm, this raises money in conjunction with John at Cowm Leisure, last years worthy causes were, Men in Sheds, and Cancer Research. This years charities have not yet been chosen, we have a meeting early next year, but if anyone has any ideas, please get in touch.

        We tried something a bit different for this years trial, 10 sections instead of 8, and a wheelie section, just as a bit of fun, Keith Goodwin surprised me on this especially as he is a beginner rider on my old Fantic 240, he showed up many others as he carried on towards the national gulley on his back wheel….
        I had help on christmas eve setting out, Andy Cripps, Charlie and Harry, along with Colin Blunt, much appreciated and always welcome, we were short of observers on the day, but a big thanks to those who did pick up a board, especially Bill Francis who made the trip from Diggle to help out.
         Thanks to Charlie Cripps, Harry and Harry Bayman for putting out route markers and bringing in those sections which had no observer, John at Cowm Leisure for the use of his land, and  the riders, for your support throughout the year.
        Our next trial is the 26th Jan, The Harry Robinson Trial, @back cowm, until then, have a happy new year and all the best for 2020….