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13.11.2019 Club AGM

Last Wednesday we had our AGM, attended by 7 people, the outcome from this was, entry fees and membership will stay at £15 and £5 respectively, everyone stayed on in their current roles, with Michael Whitlow as your club President and Alan Lord as your Chairman.
We will continue to run our club championship and the charity trial on boxing day, as for the beginner series there was a lot of debate, support for this has dwindled over the last couple of years, and we have found ourselves asking if it is worthwhile continuing, we do not want to cut trials, especially those that encourage youth in the sport. So we have a piece of land booked for the first one in February, based on the entry and feedback we will decide after that trial what we are doing.
To sum up, the reason why we stayed on in our roles was simply because there was no other volunteers at the meeting, we were spread a bit thin at the trial on Sunday and had to be helped out by George and Jack, there is no doubt at all, that if nobody new takes an interest clubs will fail and the sport will suffer. Come on lads, please don’t let this happen….
Anyway, rant over, thanks to everyone for supporting our events during 2019, everyone in the club for their efforts, and all of you that have observed at our trials…

2015 AGM Update

Our AGM was held at the Band Club on Wednesday Evening, with all the usual faces there, it was no surprise that everyone stayed on in their current roles for the next trials year, see website, on the subject of the website, those of you who have looked recently will have noticed a few changes, photos and more info will be on there in the future and work is under way to make it more useable so we can tell our members what’s going on, keeping everyone up to date with events next year.

Most clubs will struggle to bring in new people to help run the trials, but we are in agreement that people may have the wrong impression of us at Rochdale, we are not a closed shop, newcomers are always welcome, so it would be good to have a few new faces to give us a lift, it doesn’t have to be all the time, but as and when you can spare the time, so we will be making a concerted effort to open up the club next year, so to attract new faces.

As far as the trials are concerned, we don’t think we have too many problems here, after each trial we usually try and get the riders views, and take on board what is said, and I have to say it’s usually very positive, after the last trial even some of the riders couldn’t understand why the entries are not bigger, maybe it’s to do with people’s old misconceptions.

Land and venues issues, not at a premium in the North West Centre, last year Cowm and Lee Quarry Continued to be our main venues, and Walsden was also used a couple of times, we mentioned using Sharney Ford again as it’s a cracking little piece of land for the Novice beginner series, but the big news as far as we are concerned, is that we are in talks with the landowner at Shawforth were the Pennine Trial used to be held, the quarry at the top has gone, but the access road is brand new and is good for any type of vehicle, we’ll keep in touch, watch this space.

As far as money goes, we are not a profit making organisation but we did show a small increase on last year, new flags, bags etc. will be purchased, donations will be made to local charities, we haven’t decided which ones, any suggestions?

The presentation evening will be the first weekend in March, at the Bernie, Whitworth, the club will be subsidising this, and tickets will be £5 per person so we can have an idea of the numbers.

The overall championships results will be finalised shortly after the Pennine trial, and everyone will be able to see how well they have done, but even if you didn’t win, you’re welcome to turn up and support those who have.

So that’s about it, thanks to everyone who has supported us this year, and we hope to see you all again next year………

2014 AGM Update

As you may or may not know, our AGM was held on the 12th Nov, as usuall to review and discuss events from the last 12 months, with everyone staying on in their roles, with Alan Lord as Chairman, and Mick Whitlow as club President, and the addition of young Sam Blackburn as a committee member.

Hot on the agenda was the trials we put on, the general opinion from the riders is that the trials are mostly spot on, so it is a bit of a puzzle to us that the entries have been so low, the loss of a good piece of land at Shawforth for a while has done us no favours, but the news from Ian Alderson is that the work on the windfarms is well underway, and once finished the landowner is keen for us to use this venue again, whether it will be next year, we,ll just have to wait and see. So we have decided, with a limited number of venues available to us that we will use 400 Acres next year for the Julian Bentley Trial, the lap can be a bit tougher than normal, but ideal for those who like a moorland trial.

Also the entry fee has been reduced to £10 for youths to make it more affordable for dads and their lads, this may also attract a few more youngsters especially to the novice beginner series, hopefully. We are also looking into getting a new club website, something that is easy for everyone to use, so we can get the information out there for everyone to see, if anyone knows anyone who can do this, please get in touch.

On a sad note, it has been decided not to run the evening series next year due to the low entries, this is NOT set in stone, if riders think we should run these trials, and the support is there, the club is more than happy to run the series again, its up to you guys, just let us know what you think.

With the new piece of land at Walsden and the good news for the land at Shawforth it may start to look up for the club this year, and hopefully, with the changes the club have planned, people can see that we are trying …..

Hope to see you all at our next trial, which is the Pennine Trial At Lee Quarry, and the one after this is our Charity Trial on Boxing Day, thanks to all of you that have supported us throughout the year, see you soon…..