2018 18th November Pennine Trial round 5 of 5 Club Championship

Results rochdalemc2018.11.18


After a year of up and down entries and a bit of bad luck with the
weather, good fortune was on our side at last, the sun was out, albeit
a bit low in the sky and 60 plus riders turned out for what is
probably our biggest event of the year.
We were out early the day before plotting the ten sections
that made up this years trial, Paul Heyes put in the first 3, Alan and
Fitzy the next 4, that left 8, 9 and 10 for me and Blacky to get in.
After the trial briefing the riders made their way up into the quarry
for section 1, near to the pump tracks which the riders had been
instructed to stay off as they are for pedal bikes only, this had a
slippy shale hill for the exit, as our Chairman found to his cost on
the first lap, resulting in a 5, young Lauren observed 2, this was
tricky for the clubman because of those rocks that were really greasy,
from there you headed into the centre of the quarry to find Paul
Heyes, a lonely figure observing number 3, section 4 was the first in
the river, some flat slabs, really green, just laid there waiting to
catch you out, which they did. Five was up the path were you found
Glen Gosling, a natural beck with a sizeable step which young Harry
Cripps did really well on, showing his Grandad Stuart how its done.
Six and seven were pretty close together, the first a rocky stream,
this had a tight line and a tricky exit to the right that caught out
Stuart Cripps on his last lap, as he laid on his back thinking he had
broken his shoulder again, thankfully this was not the case, just his
rear mudguard this time. Seven had some long grass which seemed to
catch out one or two on the expert route and on the clubman route
there was a fair sized step before giving it plenty for the hill..
Eight got slippy on the hill for the exit catching out yours truely on
my 3rd lap, nine and ten were close together, not too many dramas on 9
but 10 took its fair share of dabs on that slippy banking as you tried
to get a good line around the corner…
That sums up what was a really good trial for us to end
our club championship on, it was very slippy which added to the trial,
but this time of year , it is what it is…..We know one or two of you
had bad luck with mechanical issues, hope it turns out not to be too
expensive and your back on your bikes soon.
Thanks to Lancashire County Council for the use of this
good bit of land, everyone for their time and effort in running the
trial, Margaret and Kingsley for the results, The riders for turning
out and making it worthwhile, Finally the Observers, Steve Ellis,
Lauren Heyes , Paul Heyes, the guy with the beard on 4, sorry i don,t
know your name but i,m sure most other riders do, Glen on 5, Keith and
his buddy on 6 and 7, Mick Whitlow 8, Carrina Carter 9, And Ian
Blackburn on 10, …
Thats it now until Boxing Day For our
charity trial, ALL Classes including beginners, at Back
Cowm…..Thanks once again for your support, not just for this trial,
but for throughout 2018,,, see you all soon….

2018 21th October Novice & Beginner Trial, Championship Rd 3 of 3

Results rochdalemc2018.10.21

2018 9th September Dale trial, Championship Rd 4 of 5

Results rochdalemc2018.09.09

Thanks to the riders who turned out for Sundays trial at Bill
Francis,s land at Diggle, near Delph. An entry pf 22 was what we
probably anticipated because of some big trials and the number of
events that were on the same day.. We had put in 9 sections for most
with the beginners missing out on number 7 under the bridge because of
its difficulty.
Starting down in the bottom corner, the trial
basically followed the river up and under the bridge, the sections
were in the usual areas but we did try to put a variation on what had
been done before, 8 was over some loose stones and up around a tree,
which was tight and slippy for the expert riders, finally 9 was a long
section, observed by Glen Gosling,  this had some cambered turns that
reqd a good line.
So , the trial was over a bit early with everyone happy
with the trial, and  despite the low entry we did manage to get 5
observers with riders having to pick up the rest of the boards, thanks
to Bill for the use of the land, all of you who observed, Paul and
Alan for setting out and Margaret for the results….
Our next trial is a novice beginner, we are looking at
Back Cowm for this , we do have a plan B, so please keep a check on
the website or Trials Central. Thanks again, see you all soon….


2018 15 July Sid Humphries trial, Championship Rd 3 of 5



Sunday at Lee Quarry, was the re run of this trial, which we had to
cancel earlier this year because of the  poor weather, not the case
today though as temperatures in the mid twenties
meant it was going to be a hot one.. Lack of rain meant the venue was
the driest we,ve ever seen it, no water in the rivers what so ever and
all of the tracks dry and dusty, we even manged to get one or two
sections in places that we usually struggle to get access to, section
2 was one of these, a dried out area that is normally under plenty of
water. 4 was another that hasn,t been used for a long time, this
required you to hold your nerve, making a right turn down over some
very loose stones that never bed in, 5 is normally a river section
situated between two stone pillars, today it was just a bolder field.
Back onto the tracks and down towards 6, again something new, Andy
Cripps made this look too easy with his usuall flambuoyant style, a
bit of a slippy hill climb on 7 because of the dried out gravel that
was a bit like marbles beneath your tyres, 8 was a tricky one for the
clubman, loose rocks and an off cambered turn meant that you could
easily get off line. Blacky picked up the board on 9, a bit of tester
we thought for the experts, but the caliber of riders on this route
was pretty good, so no problems at all i the end, then back to the
centre of the venue for ten….
A good trial which was enjoyed by an entry which
was down on the day, other events, or even the weather may have played
a part, but looking at other results from trials, there seems to be a
trend, with numbers looking to be on the way down this year, but
things may start to pick up once the holiday season has ended.
Thanks to those who did ride the trial, Lancashire
County Council for the use of the land, Blacky and Michael for giving
me a lift to set up on Saturday, and Margaret for the results.
One last thing to mention, THERE IS NO PRACTICING AT
LEE QUARRY, this could lead to the loss of a good venue for the club.
Thanks to everyone once again, and see you all in September for the
Dale Trial….


2018 17th June Julian Bentley Trial round 2 of 5

Results rochdalemc2018.06.17

(Please click on the link above for the results)

Fathers day was  again the date for this years Julian Bentley trial,
held at South Hollingworth Farm, up above Walsden. A compact venue
with plenty of rockery, some pretty big if you have the bottle and
skill for that kind of thing.
      Eight sections were put in on the Thursday night because some
of us had work and family commitments at the weekend, leaving just two
to do on the morning of the trial. Andy Wright put in the first 3
sections.all measured to perfection, in and around those rocks that
have loads of grip. Most of the other sections were set very similar,
simply because of the nature of the land, 6 was different, under the
trees in the woods at the bottom of the hill, a couple of twists and
turns up and around the bankings, then 7, the Beck which had a lot
less water in it then usual, but it was even more greasy than in the
past, a real mark taker.
                  A good entry seemed to enjoy a trial which was
testing and tight in places , there was also a good number of
spectators for most of the day, giving the trial a different feel.
                We would like to thank the landowner for the use of
his land, the riders and watchers for making it worthwhile and all the
ten people who observed, our next trial is the Syd Humphries at Lee
Quarry in July…..